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What is travel nursing?

The nursing profession has a plethora of different specialties from which to choose, facilities within which to work, and scheduling opportunities that are offered, so it comes as no surprise that there are also many location-specific opportunities as well- this is where travel nursing fits in. 

What is travel nursing?

Wherever you meet people in the world, no matter their location, healthcare systems are needed and with that comes the need for nurses. As a specialty, travel nursing took root during a time when the shortage of nursing staff began. There were (and still are) clinics, hospitals, and other settings that had unfilled positions while having patients who need their care. Travel nurses help to fill these open positions and are not limited to their hometown- they can work throughout the different States of their home country and/or become an international travel nurse to work outside of their home country. 

What does a travel nurse do?

Responsibilities of a travel nurse vary according to their specialty. General duties include the following, amongst others:
  • Planning, assessing, diagnosing, evaluating, and implementing care for patients in different healthcare settings
  • Delivering administration of medications and fluids, as well as assisting with patient mobility and daily living activities 
  • Interpreting and reviewing diagnostic tests (for example imaging and lab work)
  • Overseeing and monitoring all aspects of patient care
  • Involving themselves in collaboration with physicians in the development of a care plan
  • Recognizing and intervening with patients who are clinically unstable 
  • Learning about and being able to implement various systems and documentation for patient care 

What are the working conditions?

Domestic and international travel nurses can, like any other profession, expect to encounter both positive and negative aspects of their roles. 
The latter include stress from having to care for many patients in a single shift with many critical decisions that need to be made, they may also feel isolated by having to relocate often, and they may work in high-risk areas that lead to exposure of violence, chemicals, and geographic-specific diseases. 
The role of a travel nurse can also be extremely rewarding in many ways. Many organizations and the staff within are very grateful for the assistance that travel nurses offer them. Travel nurses help a lot of other staff get relief from burnout that is likely to happen when their organization is short-staffed. It is also rewarding to help many patients across different remote and rural areas that would otherwise not have access to healthcare. In addition to this, travel nurses receive many benefits such as those offered by Greenstaff Medical Canada:
  • Visa processing assistance and reimbursement
  • Relocation assistance
  • Assistance with visa application, territory license, and exams/certifications where applicable
  • Quick start and placement bonuses
  • Candidate referral program
  • 24-hour assistance and concierge
  • And more!
Travel nursing offers flexibility and freedom in different ways- you can choose the location, facility, and times. All you need to do to get going is conduct some research and figure out which option suits you best.
Should you be interested in working in the US, take a look at how we can help you by visiting our travel nursing website page, or get in touch by sending us an email at feel free to browse other channels of communication on our contact page here.