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Temporary shifts in Canada

Are you a registered healthcare professional or certified healthcare worker looking to compliment your existing schedule with additional shifts?

Welcome to Greenstaff Canada. Join our rapidly growing team of registered and certified healthcare professionals on the front lines. 

We can offer a myriad of shifts, to all specialities in the healthcare field across almost all territories and provinces in Canada. We strive to do our best to find you the right shifts for your skillset and to your preference of availability and geography.

Whether you are looking to scale back from a busy permanent placement or compliment your regular hours with some extra shifts, we have a range of temporary and even hourly or per diem options to suit your availability and requirements.

During the pandemic, if you’re based in Ontario, we are actively seeking qualified individuals for both COVID-19 testing and vaccination centres across the GTA. Additionally, if you are a registered nurse with acute care experience, looking to add on some additional shifts at another facility, Greenstaff Medical can offer you options.

If you’re thinking of making a change, why not give the team a call today on +1 647 245 6070.

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