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Referral Program Mechanics


REFERRAL BONUS PROGRAM   I am ready to refer


  • Begin referring from your circle of family and friends who are healthcare professionals.  Your candidate must be applying for any of Greenstaff Medical’s job openings through our website or your Healthcare Recruiter.  Your candidate must state your name on online forms to qualify for your rewards.
  • Every successful candidate you refer must have accepted the job offer and have worked at least a total of 100 hours in her/his assignment/s. The more successful hires you refer, the more rewards you will receive.
  • After the 100 hours of assignment completion and as applicable, we will reward you with the following cash bonuses, depending on your candidate’s position:
    • Registered Nurse (All Specialties):  $300 per successful hire
    • Registered Practical Nurse (All Specialties): $200 per successful hire
    • Personal Support Worker, Health Care Aide, Continuing Care Assistant: $150 per successful hire


  • All Greenstaff Medical Healthcare Professionals (GMHP) currently employed by Greenstaff Medical Staffing LLC are eligible to receive a referral reward for each successful hire who meets the criteria of the program.
  • Referred experienced Registered Nurses and Allied Healthcare Professional must have at least one year of experience in their given field and be hired into a regular part-time or full-time position in GMHP’s pool.
  • Referrals must match qualifications and experience level for the posted position. Those considered to be ineligible as referred applicants include the following:
  • Current applicants
  • Permanent Position Referrals
  • Referred by any ICG-Medical internal employees


  1. The GMHP must be named by the referral candidate and listed on the application/candidate profile. Only one eligible candidate can be listed as the referring source.
  2. To receive a referral reward, the referring GMHP must be an eligible healthcare professional in our database or a professional that has a signed referral agreement with Greenstaff Medical Canada.
  3. The newly hired referred healthcare professional must complete a total of 100 hours as applicable of satisfactory work and be in good standing as a Greenstaff Medical healthcare professional.
  4. The newly hired referral must be employed at Greenstaff Medical Canada at the time of the award disbursement.
  5. Payment will be issued upon the newly hired associate's completion of 100 hours of employment as applicable and will notify referring associates of their payment eligibility and the company will generate payment at the appropriate time.
  6. Greenstaff Medical reserves the right to amend or cancel this program without prior notice.


I am ready to refer 

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