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Hey, it’s March, it’s Nutrition Month

Hey, it’s March, it’s Nutrition Month

Greenstaff Canada is one with the Land of Maple Leaf in celebration of Nutrition Month. For the last 40 years, Canada has been celebrating and promoting the role and values of Registered Dietitians in helping individuals live healthier lives, hence Nutrition Month.

Each year, Dietitians of Canada select a theme for Nutrition Month which is based on an environmental scan and input from dietitians and DC members. Themes have varied throughout the years, embracing different age ranges, lifestyles, and the healthy eating trends of the day. Some of their notable campaigns include 1994’s “Nourishing our Children’s Future”, 2012’s “Get the real deal on your meal” and 2018’s “Unlock the potential of food”.

This 2022, the campaign theme is “Ingredients for a healthier tomorrow” which encourages Canadians to explore the key “ingredients” needed to build a healthier future, greater community, and the planet. The campaign focuses on the need to change food systems for a healthier tomorrow and showcases how Canadian dietitians are leading this change and acting on these ingredients.

Throughout March, dietitians all over the country have been sharing how they can help you make your future a healthier one. Some of the information they are promoting are as follows:

  1. food literacy
  2. food security
  3. food sovereignty
  4. sustainable food choices
  5. nutrition care and prevention

To further learn more about this year’s Nutrition Month you may visit