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The Perks of Temporary Staffing Agencies

The Perks of Temporary Staffing Agencies

In the healthcare industry, providing quality patient care hinges on having qualified and reliable healthcare providers. However, the process of recruiting and retaining skilled healthcare professionals can be a daunting task for healthcare facilities. Fortunately, staffing agencies can be a valuable asset to this challenge. By outsourcing the hiring process and relying on staffing agencies, healthcare organizations can reap numerous advantages. This blog post will delve into the perks of hiring temporary healthcare providers through staffing agencies, supported by compelling facts and statistics. 


1. Cost-effectiveness:  

According to a comprehensive report by the American Staffing Association (ASA), utilizing staffing agencies can save healthcare facilities up to 25% on hiring costs when compared to traditional recruitment methods. Staffing agencies take charge of the entire recruitment process, including advertising, screening, and conducting background checks. It relieves the costs of sick time, pensions, benefits, and overtime of facility permanent employees.  This not only streamlines the hiring process but also relieves in-house HR departments of the burden of dedicating valuable time and resources to these tasks. 

2. Reliable Staffing:  

One of the significant benefits of staffing agencies lies in their access to a vast pool of qualified healthcare providers, encompassing nurse practitioners, registered nurses (including specializations), registered practical nurses, personal support workers, physiotherapists, occupational health therapists, and paramedics. This invaluable resource enables healthcare facilities to promptly fill vacant positions and maintain optimal staffing levels and improve the retention of their permanent employees. A study by the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) revealed that an impressive 90% of healthcare facilities reported increased satisfaction with staffing agency placements. 

3. Flexibility:  

Healthcare needs are dynamic and often subject to fluctuations, which can make it challenging to maintain a consistent level of staffing. Staffing agencies offer the much-needed flexibility to adjust staffing levels based on demand. This capability empowers healthcare providers to scale up or down as required, ensuring efficient patient care. The same SIA study also demonstrated that 79% of healthcare facilities experienced improved flexibility in their workforce through the utilization of staffing agencies. 

4. Reduced Ongoing Administrative Burden:  

Partnering with staffing agencies allows healthcare facilities to offload administrative tasks associated with the administrative management of healthcare providers. This includes payroll, benefits, pensions, renewal of expired credentials, and ensuring compliance with labor laws.  Research conducted by CareerBuilder indicates that outsourcing these administrative functions can save businesses an average of 14 hours per week. 

5. Expertise and Support:  

Staffing agencies specialize in healthcare recruitment and possess up-to-date industry knowledge and trends. They have a profound understanding of the unique requirements of healthcare facilities and can skilfully match healthcare providers with the right qualifications to specific roles. Furthermore, agencies like us provide ongoing support to both the healthcare providers and the healthcare facility, fostering smooth operations and delivering high-quality care, customer service, and feedback. 


Why Greenstaff Medical Canada?  

Greenstaff Medical Canada offers unparalleled flexibility by being able to turn over staffing shifts in as little as 2 hours, making it one of the shortest lead times in the industry. With a company-wide fill rate of 96-98%, your shifts are virtually guaranteed to be filled. Our extensive network of over 17,000 staff across various designations and specialties throughout Canada, including acute care, LTCs, Retirement residences, rehab centers, clinics, remote nursing, and paramedics means you don’t have to spend time calling a number of different agencies to get the "Right Staff, Right Now!" 



While there may be premium fees associated with hiring temporary healthcare providers through staffing agencies, the overall cost savings often far outweigh the costs of permanent recruitment; particularly during times of staff shortages and increases in demand for healthcare services. The statistics and trends consistently support the advantages of using staffing agencies, including cost-effectiveness, reliable staffing, flexibility, reduced administrative burden, and expertise and support.

By leveraging the services of Greenstaff Medical Canada, healthcare providers can wholeheartedly focus on their core mission of delivering exceptional patient care and retaining their own permanent staff, while entrusting the recruitment and staffing challenges to the experts. The symbiotic relationship between healthcare facilities and staffing agencies contributes to overall healthier communities and exceptional quality of services. 



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